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About Us

Welcome to Lovely Lemonade. I'm Farah and Lovely Lemonade is the result of the passion I have for creation and designing. I wanted the best for my child but I also wanted things that were unique and special. I also realised that every mum has her own unique journey in having a child and that the products I used and gave my child would determine how my she was going to learn and grow. 

By creating Lovely Lemonade I was able to create and source products that I wanted as a mother for my child and also share those products with other mothers who loves something unique, bold and special for their little ones.

The products we bring to you come from a place of love and care for the world we live in and the people we share it with. Our aim is to provide parents and children with educational, fun and quality products to the best of our ability.

Please enjoy our beautiful products and keepsakes that we bring to you with love.

Lovely Lemonade