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Number Dots Counting Circles

Lovely Lemonade

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Number Dots Counting Circles
Number Dots Counting Circles
Number Dots Counting Circles

Wooden engraved number and dots counting circles for your little one to grasp, learn and play. The set contains wooden discs engraved with a number (numerical digits of 1-20) on one side and an illustration of patterns of small dots on the back which matches the number. It will help provide your little one with a solid foundation in their mathematical knowledge from an early age.  

These counting circles can be use in a wide range of play activities providing multiple learning opportunities and creative learning. It can help your little one recognize number and its respective quantity in an illustrative form, and the small dot patterns can be use to recreate patterns - as play dough stamps, paper rubbings and loose part pattern recreation. 

It can also be use in conjunction with our squiggly boards, flash cards and poster prints for a matching and memory game. 

Package includes: 
20 x double sided numbers and small dot illustration pattern
1 x cotton drawstring storage bag

Skills Provided: 
Number (1 - 20) recognition in both numerical digits and it's respective quantity, Memory, Hand and eye coordination skills

Size: Approximately 5cm x 5cm, 3mm thickness
Recommended: For ages 3 years and older.

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